Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another Break Finished and Another Semester Starts...

Alright so I did do some more drawings kind of... before the break ended I also did this figure drawing marathon with the ShrunkenHeadman Club at my school. We were taught by the AMAZING Glen Vilppu if I had more money I would definitely buy his book. And this got me really pumped up for taking ANI 55 which is figure drawing.

Anyways I got this amazing idea where I would start a "Sketch n' Go" Sketch book. I bought a pencil case and basically turned it into a pencil case sketch book combo. It is small and compact and SUPER easy to carry around I have a picture below! Hopefully with me carrying this around all the time it will encourage me to draw EVEN more than I already have to!

I'm really looking forward to this school semester and I am determined to improve like CRAZY!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dina Babbitt

Hey guys, so I just finished reading a comic i bought a while ago and it is called "X-Men: Magneto Testament" and the art amazing, the cover art even better, story? one of the best i've read and i've read a lot! However, at the end of the trade paper back there was this comic about a woman named Dina Babbitt. I just thought that I learned a lot from reading this and Dina Babbitt is now one of my greatest inspirations in art, may she rest in peace.

SHM Winter Drawing Marathon: Figure Painting

So at school I joined the Winter Figure Drawing Marathon and I am so glad I did! I am learning so much about figure drawing and gesture drawing! Today we did Figure Painting and it was so fun! However it was really though to get the right colors although I am kinda used to mixing colors since i've done it for so long. This is what we did today and it is in acrylic on an illustration board! The Model's name is Jesse and he was awesome, to be honest he was a beast it was freezing and he wasn't clothed and he was able to stand still! BEAST! Anyways I hope to do this more often and as often as I can I find this a lot of fun to do.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

From Fall '11

This was work from my Fall Semester. This only stuff I liked so bear with me!

This is a page out of my Ani 50 sketchbook, LOOK AT THAT TIGER woo sexy... This was probably one of my big favorites I would post 3D models too but I need to upload and all that junk to it. The next request I took was to draw a picture of two of my best friends Emily and Aaron. They are together and yeah I plan to do it in charcoal ( my favorite medium ) So I hope it goes well I might not get to it tonight.. but I guess we'll have to wait and see?

Matt vs. The Evil Tiger-Octopus!

Hey guys another art update, YAY 2 days in a row!! Anyway this drawing was requested by one of my best friends Matthew Dalit he wanted him to be punching a Tiger-Octopus so thats what he is doing! Hope you enjoy!

Monday, January 9, 2012

WeArt Weekly Illustration: Seasonal Landscape

So a group of art friends and I put together a group and we do weekly illustrations. The illustration for this week is Seasonal Landscape and I chose Fall/Autumn. Love working in these colors and this piece was also done in Pastel! I hope you guys enjoy!! I hope to post more soon!!