Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another Break Finished and Another Semester Starts...

Alright so I did do some more drawings kind of... before the break ended I also did this figure drawing marathon with the ShrunkenHeadman Club at my school. We were taught by the AMAZING Glen Vilppu if I had more money I would definitely buy his book. And this got me really pumped up for taking ANI 55 which is figure drawing.

Anyways I got this amazing idea where I would start a "Sketch n' Go" Sketch book. I bought a pencil case and basically turned it into a pencil case sketch book combo. It is small and compact and SUPER easy to carry around I have a picture below! Hopefully with me carrying this around all the time it will encourage me to draw EVEN more than I already have to!

I'm really looking forward to this school semester and I am determined to improve like CRAZY!!!

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