Monday, May 30, 2011

Saturday - Sunday

This was the post from Sunday actually cause I had a party on saturday I was not able to draw and yeah!

This is again out of my anatomy book Studying the bones within the hands. I feel like this is helpful because I can understand the movements and everything in the hand.

This is like the bone in the finger and it bends and drawing it out was very helpful. What I like the most is that it shows the joints as a spool shape which helps me understand it a lot more SIMPLE SHAPES!!

More Hand studies in different poses and viewpoints!

Emotions! I wanted to try to get my own style of cartooning kind of just messing around with the emotions and it was very fun but I feel like I can still put my own style and flair into it..... whatever that is ...


Alright sorry this is posted pretty late but I did draw! So here it is!

So on Friday I was watching Jurassic Park 2 and I was in the mood of drawing Dinosaurs haha!

I wanted to do something cool so I took some reference of velociraptors and I drew this out and I made it the raptor rip through my sketchbook! A bit cliche but that's okay I think it looks awesome!

This was just some studies very little of Tyrannosaurus Rex the good looking one was off some reference (it's really hard to find pictures of dinosaurs) then I tried to draw some on my own which ended up looking like an alligator rather than a T-Rex....

Sorry no post today...

So I did draw today and studies of my worst enemy, HANDS! Things just came up and I was not able to scan and upload so TOMORROW FORSURE will be Fri-Mon stuff! Maybe I should count the weekend as one day....we'll see...

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Friday's blog is not up yet... but don't worry I did draw HOWEVER today (saturday) I was not able to touch my sketchbook due to my sisters grad party and atm i am all pooped out ... BUT on sunday I plan to stay home and draw all day! So see you guys tomorrow!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Thursday Post

Alright guys so this post is from Thursday (yesterday) Hopefully I get Friday up tonight, I doubt it, but I will draw today for sure!

This was just for fun trying to put my own spin on things, I think the robot is cool.

These are some head studies, I tried changing the view I feel like some of the heads are a bit small. But this is me learning!

I feel like this exercise of the humerus, radius, and ulna really helped me understand the arm.

This is my Clavicle study and also the scapula, This helps me give some depth in the shoulder area rather than it being just a big round egg shape, the rib cage, theres more to it to layer on top.

That was it for thursday cause I had a headache, Im gonna try to draw more today xP Hopefully it all goes well!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Comes before Friday!

So Thursday's post is coming tomorrow because its late and I did not scan xP

I worked on some heads again and I moved along in my anatomy book which took me to the arms and shoulders which I found a bit more fun! Tomorrow (Friday) Im going to try to work on that photoshop study again and also gonna touch on perspective and hands hopefully!

Just stay tuned for tomorrow!

Wednesday Cont.

These next two is actually going to be a photoshop practice study thing for me, I am basically drawing out the values for this picture and getting a feel for photoshop since I barely touch it....

Wednesday Post

Aright guys this post is my daily entry for yesterday! Hope you guys like and also I was reading an anatomy book as well understanding how these parts move and such so I didn't do too much drawing XP

So it begins!

Alright guys if most of you do not know I have made a summer goal of drawing everyday. I started TODAY! I know its Thursday but I started Wednesday but I'm posting them tomorrow cause I have yet to scan them. I did start a Photoshop value study and its freaking hard! But it's a work in progress! To keep you guys entertained? Here's my Art28 30 second animation!