Saturday, April 28, 2012

It's been too long...

It's been a long time since I have posted anything, it might be because lately it's been hard for me to get into the zone with a lot of my work. Also, I have not had a lot of time to scan images or anything but Friday I had a pretty good day of figure drawing and I thought I'd post a fun drawing a long with it. Hopefully I have time to post more tomorrow? Anyways ENJOY!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Stephen Neary Stephen Neary who is a story artist at Blue Sky Studios (Ice Age, Rio, Robots) came by today to talk to the ShurkenHeadMan Club about story. IT WAS AMAZING!!! He showed us his personal projects as long as what he contributed to the movie "Rio". I think it is amazing how he is a story artist and he gave us all really great advice! Storyboarding still looks very challenging and IT IS very challenging but I am still ready to do whatever it takes to become the best storyboard artist I can be!! Stephen Neary Thank you so much for coming to SJSU today and inspiring us all!!

Inking Practice + some studies

Our next assignment for my Ani 112a class involves pen and ink. I've always loved ink work in comic, however, I have always had trouble drawing with ink/pen. It's extremely scary drawing without being able to erase how ever practicing makes it fun!! The assignment we had to do for today was to do a practice sheet and then just draw for fun and so I looked at Skottie Young's ink work. His drawings are amazing!!! Also Franklin Booth is amazing, a God of Ink, it was extremely inspirational. I want to draw that well so my plan is to continue sketching/drawing everyday and study what Skottie or Franklin do with their inks that make it work. A lot of Linear ink work seems to use thickness to convey shadow or "edges". The soft and hard edges work like they did with the reversal or the line quality exercises we've been doing all semester!! I loved working with line quality so I don't know why pen/ink should be any different!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Reversal ANI 112A

Here it is the Charcoal Reversal project for my Ani112a class. I am very proud of the end result (2nd picture) however, I should have pushed myself more to try and define more of the shapes and try to push the values even more. I am gonna try to get another picture up later but I think I am also gonna work on it when I get a chance because I know I have the ability to do a lot better. This project has shown me a lot and improved me greatly as an artist. Gotta just keep on pushing!!!
The first pass at the project but I had to wipe it down and do it again
2nd pass and what I ended up turning in, again very proud of it but it can always be better!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

For myself...

This is gonna be a wordy blog post xP

I know I have not been posting much lately and the reason for that is because I'm getting so exhausted!! With school and stuff going on in my personal life it's hard to keep up with something I love doing. Drawing was a way for me to get loose and create something awesome/amazing!! Lately it's been such a disappointment for me, a lot of hard work goes down the drain when something interrupts the work flow. That interruption just brings my hopes down and its hard to fight back up. I know a lot of my friends go through a lot and I'm not saying I have it worse, I'm just saying its getting hard for me. I try to draw for myself and I just criticize myself and I lose interest... I still have my inspirations to keep going ( family, friends, fellow artists ). It's just getting more difficult for me to draw just ... to draw if that makes any sense? I'm not giving up, cause I can't give up something I love doing so much. I'm going to keep working and try to push all the pressure and all the disappointment away and try to grab on to my hopes and my dreams again.

Sorry to vent! I feel like this was the only way to do it on a place where I post my work ( not the best work BUT it's getting there ) and I won't stop until I've reached my goals.

The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work
-Oscar Wilde