Tuesday, April 3, 2012

For myself...

This is gonna be a wordy blog post xP

I know I have not been posting much lately and the reason for that is because I'm getting so exhausted!! With school and stuff going on in my personal life it's hard to keep up with something I love doing. Drawing was a way for me to get loose and create something awesome/amazing!! Lately it's been such a disappointment for me, a lot of hard work goes down the drain when something interrupts the work flow. That interruption just brings my hopes down and its hard to fight back up. I know a lot of my friends go through a lot and I'm not saying I have it worse, I'm just saying its getting hard for me. I try to draw for myself and I just criticize myself and I lose interest... I still have my inspirations to keep going ( family, friends, fellow artists ). It's just getting more difficult for me to draw just ... to draw if that makes any sense? I'm not giving up, cause I can't give up something I love doing so much. I'm going to keep working and try to push all the pressure and all the disappointment away and try to grab on to my hopes and my dreams again.

Sorry to vent! I feel like this was the only way to do it on a place where I post my work ( not the best work BUT it's getting there ) and I won't stop until I've reached my goals.

The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work
-Oscar Wilde

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