Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Inking Practice + some studies

Our next assignment for my Ani 112a class involves pen and ink. I've always loved ink work in comic, however, I have always had trouble drawing with ink/pen. It's extremely scary drawing without being able to erase how ever practicing makes it fun!! The assignment we had to do for today was to do a practice sheet and then just draw for fun and so I looked at Skottie Young's ink work. His drawings are amazing!!! Also Franklin Booth is amazing, a God of Ink, it was extremely inspirational. I want to draw that well so my plan is to continue sketching/drawing everyday and study what Skottie or Franklin do with their inks that make it work. A lot of Linear ink work seems to use thickness to convey shadow or "edges". The soft and hard edges work like they did with the reversal or the line quality exercises we've been doing all semester!! I loved working with line quality so I don't know why pen/ink should be any different!

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