Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Shadow Shapes

In my Ani 112a class we are now starting to work on shadow shapes! I'm really excited about this because I always wanted to be more confident in pen/marker and shadow shapes is one step to inking! This was our homework assignment and I was really trying to observe the shapes of the shadows rather than trying to draw my face. The method of squinting helped A LOT considering I only had black and white to work with. Squinting helped me eliminate all the other values inbetween. The blackness in the picture is my scanner I am just too lazy to crop it sooooooooooo ENJOY!

SHM Figure Drawing 2/27/12 Part 1

YAY More Figure drawing!! HAHA! I fel super confident now in my Figure drawing, HOWEVER I feel like I need to try and make my gestures more CLEAN I think Thursday I might try and use a different medium other than pen? We shall see... Put on another note I have been focusing on more construction! Had some help from my good friend Jonathan Chu about construction! I'm getting there!!

SHM Figure Drawing 2/27/12 Part 2

SHM Figure Drawing 2/27/12 Part 3

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Finally something different!!

The different stuff I promised! These drawings were done in my Ani_112a class, we just started working with line quality and I love every bit of it! I hope you guys enjoy!

Andrew Gordon

Photo Courtesy of Shrunkenhead Man Club

Amazing guest speaker today, the fantastic amazing super awesome Andrew Gordon!! I learned so much about animation and paying attention to character development etc. It was awesome! Andrew also brought us a little treat at the end and it was amazing to finally see it for the first time! Andrew Gordon is currently working for pixar and has done every pixar movie since A Bug's Life!

On another note I know I said I would post up more other art work... I have been very busy.. yes busy is the word not lazy... TOMORROW FOR SURE!!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

SHM Figure Drawing 2/23/12 Part 1

Another batch of Figure Drawings!! Now a bunch of these are gestures only because for my ANI 55 class our portfolio is due and we were supposed to turn in just the gesture/wire drawing. So I took a shot and there were only a couple I liked -.- as you can see... This day was a lot better than mondays, soooo I am proud of that! Anyway tomorrow night I promise I will have more than just gestures cause I feel like its getting a bit repetitive.... last 20 posts are pretty much figure drawings haha! ENJOY!

SHM Figure Drawing 2/23/12 Part 2

SHM Figure Drawing 2/23/12 Part 3

SHM Figure Drawing 2/20/12 Part 1

So these posts are extremely late! I was not feeling like myself the past couple of days so I kind of held things off like my blog D: Anyways these are more figure drawings boring I know but this bunch is not one of my better drawings. Gotta get past them and keep on drawing!

SHM Figure Drawing 2/20/12 Part 2

SHM Figure Drawing 2/20/12 Part 3

SHM Figure Drawing 2/20/12 Part 4

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

SHM Figure Drawing! 2/13/12 Part 1

Another Monday and another day of figure drawing! It was a pretty bad drawing day for some reason BUT that's okay for every thousand bad drawings comes good ones. I'm just busting out the bad ones earlier ;] Enjoy and also Happy Valentines Day!