Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring 2013 Mid Program Portfolio Second Pass

Here it is the Second Pass where all the pages are pretty much completed! I still need to edit the Trees and also the Faces which I will get too! I am also going to be adding a Drapery page most likely. So let the critiques begin!!

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  1. Looks awesome my friend!!! Some minor things: For the still life color comps. personally I would probably align the top and bottom edges of all the stuff (so align the big image with the tops and bottoms of the small images), or at least see how that looks. I'd play with moving the title page stuff up a little bit, see if it can feel more balance, cause right now it feels like there should be something else on the front it's just blank. I also might try moving the figures on your figure pages up just a bit overall (give the bottom more room, I'd also see if you could eliminate the blank space in the top right of the second figure page, as well as the sort of empty area in the center of the third figure page. Also, for your tree silhouettes page, maybe try to spread the trees out a bit so that third tree down doesn't feel like it sticks out so much (or put in another one that might fit better). Really these are pretty little things though, and your work looks awesome! :D