Tuesday, November 17, 2015


It's been awhile since I have updated this website, I am unfortunately more up to date on my instagram and tumblr but I will try and keep up with this as well! CTN is this weekend and in celebration I wanted to post up some art work ! A lot of these pieces can be found on my tumblr and instagram as well @dtrangart ! Enjoy!

I'll start off with a bit more of a preview of my characters for a television show I am developing for my graduating Story class!

This is Solomon Roll, he is very intellectual and but is very timid about the world. He wants to travel the world in search of more sushi! Solomon and his younger brother are the last two sushi pieces in the world full of exotic new kinds of food that they have never seen before! 
This is Sake Roll! He is adventurous and is so daring he never thinks twice before getting into the action! He goes head first into having fun, he is young innocent, and just enjoys life!! 
 I will slowly be releasing more and more work I do for this show as the semester continues! 

Some Woman Crush Wednesday paintings! 

 Natalie Dormer

Vanessa Hudgens

I did a small tribute to the passing of Christopher Lee R.I.P

I did Fanime 2015 and here are some of those pieces! 

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