Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Screen Cap #3 Indiana Jones

Wow well I had it way off! This time I did not over lap to make sure everything was positioned correctly. I did my best with measuring and laying it in. Hm I definitely learned a lot with this one, my friend Jonathan Chu helped me get a process going to make the most out of this and use all my abilities. This just got way more difficult but way more fun! I might just have to redo this one looking at them side by side and from farther away, I might have to change my approach as well!

BTW This might be my last screen cap for the next few days because I am bringing my computer into the apple store to get fixed. But I am working on a story to start storyboarding for fun and I will be doing storyboarding exercises with my old professor and good friend Jeff Jackson! I will be posting those up and my progress! 

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